Company Website Analytics To Measure Website Performance

Google Analytics by Website DNA in ThameOne way to identify source of customers is to use Google Analytics and enable your company to track each marketing source. Identifying the source of a customer can mean that your company can compare which marketing channels are the most cost-effective.

Many companies do not use Google Analytics, even those who do, don’t fully utilise Google Analytics data. Google Analytics can be used to identify a variety of information about customers – how they arrive, what they do on your website and what actions they take on your website.

For example, using Google Analytics we could find that your Facebook page links attract a large amount of traffic to your website. Therefore, increasing your marketing resources to Social Media could increase these high-quality visitors leading to more purchases of your products.

Recently we worked with a client to track his email campaign links to see whether his customers clicked on the links or not. Through customers clicking these links you can find out whether they’re new to the website, how long they spend on the site, and even demographics like gender and age range.

Another client we work with can now see the number of enquiry forms completed and how those visitors arrived at the website.

If you don’t know where your customers are coming from, then how do you know you’re being most effective with your marketing resources? If you spend time adding content to your website, frequently posting on Facebook and tweeting on Twitter – how do you know you’re not wasting your time?

If you feel your company could learn more about traffic to your website, then contact us.

Why You Must Monitor Your Website’s Performance

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