Google Analytics Performance, Reports & Interpretation, Oxford

Google Analytics for Website Measurement and Performance

Most companies have Google Analytics set up on their website which provides a comprehensive range of statistical website data.

When used correctly, Google Analytics can improve the effectiveness and performance of your company website content and internet marketing campaigns.

However, whilst some businesses use it to check traffic and the odd statistic, very few tap into the power of Google Analytics to improve their marketing efforts and increase the return on their marketing investment in their website.

Largely, due to a lack of knowledge on how to access the information and interpret the data, many companies do not use the full potential of Google Analytics. As a result they miss out on information that is important for their understanding of the effectiveness and performance of their website.

To see how it could help your company view our recent Oxford Google Analytics Case Study report.

Google Analytics is a free web-based software package that can be easily added to new and existing websites and is accessed via the internet.

Our Google Analytics Service

  • Install Google Analytics for your website.
  • Create custom reports tailored to your requirements, delivered to your desk every month.
  • Full explanation and interpretation of Google Analytics report.
  • List of recommendations to improve your website content and/or internet marketing campaigns.
  • Monthly meeting with action plan.

As a consequence your company has a more effective website, higher performing internet marketing campaigns and can measure the ROI of your marketing investment.