Pinterest Managed Social Media Marketing For Companies

Pinterest for Business in Oxford

Pinterest is a visual social media platform that businesses can use to share and save content by pinning it to boards in their Pinterest account. This can be photos, videos, URL’s or text content.

Being very visual, certain businesses can benefit significantly from Pinterest such as retailers, travel companies, restaurants and many more.

Pinterest not only provides an opportunity to display your products and services to prospective customers but it also enables companies to build greater brand awareness.

Any business wanting to increase their website traffic volume to increase sales should consider joining Pinterest. Studies have shown that Pinterest buyers spend more money, more frequently, and on more items than users from any of the other top five social media sites.

With favourable statistics like that, many businesses are turning to use Pinterest, which now has over 70 million users, to grow their business.

Furthermore Pinterest launched its Promoted Pins service in December 2014, which allows advertisers to target messages to users.

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