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Google AdWords - Oxford & AylesburyWith the start of a new year many companies revisit and re-evaluate their marketing strategy. For many they end up continuing with their present marketing, with a few tweaks, but largely unchanged.

Ideally you should review your marketing with the aim of identifying how to maximise your return from the combination of the different types of marketing you use. If you have a system in place to measure the returns for each area of marketing then it becomes a lot easier as to what works, what doesn’t and what’s stuck in the middle.

For many companies Google AdWords can be a very powerful marketing strategy, but all too often it’s not optimized and as a result the return on investment (ROI) falls well short of what could be possible.

Many of these company Google AdWords campaigns are run internally by an employee, with limited Google AdWords knowledge, whose primary concern is more direct operational matters within the company. Google AdWords was just an additional task they were given.

Google introduces, on average 4 new features or changes to Google AdWords every week that have already been widely tested and will enhance existing campaigns.

At Website DNA due to  our regular direct contact with Google and our everyday management of Google AdWords accounts we are aware of the latest features and best industry practice and can implement these as soon as they are available. Not only are we working everyday with Google AdWords accounts but we are officially qualified through Google and have the Google Partner status.

With over 50 managed accounts we continually test, measure and update campaigns to provide continually improvement. As a result, our campaigns are continually optimize to provide the best returns for our clients.

We are currently providing a free review of existing company Google AdWords campaigns with recommendation for improvements to help local companies improve their Google AdWords performance.

For a free review, with no obligation, contact Website DNA at or call on 07969 892972.

New Year – Fresh Ideas – Take A Fresh Look At Your Google AdWords

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