Google AdWords Managed Service For Companies

Adwords-logov3Whether you have an existing Google AdWords Account or are new to Google AdWords advertising, our consultants can create an optimised campaign unique to your company’s objectives and marketing budget and deliver results.

A well-managed and optimised Google AdWords service will help your company generate enquiries, increase online transactions through your website, and receive qualified visitors from your specified target market.

At Website DNA all our Google AdWords Consultants have successfully passed the Google AdWords Professional Exam.

The cost of our professionally managed Google AdWords service is insignificant when compared with the returns that can be generated. We are currently offering up to £150 FREE Google AdWords Credit to all new managed accounts.

Our Google AdWords Service

  • Experienced and qualified professional Google AdWords Consultant
  • Identify the target audience with the right keywords.
  • Competitor Analysis.
  • Create precisely worded AdWords.
  • Optimised and intelligent website landing page.
  • Generate a high click-through of quality leads.
  • Professionally managed and monitored daily.
  • Monthly Report.

To learn how a Google AdWords managed campaign could benefit your company, please call us on 01844 260700 or email at

What is Google AdWords?

Google AdWords gives your company targeted and measureable advertising results. By using keywords and phrases in an AdWords campaign you can appear on Page 1 of Google for the precise phrases used to search for your product or services.

You only pay a pre-set amount for each click through you receive from each visitor to your site. Each visitor may turn out to be your next customer. The daily budget can be changed as required and the numerous variable setting ensure you only target potential customers.

Google AdWords is by far the most popular and effective Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertising method.