Help For Thame Companies With Google MyBusiness & Google Maps

Google Maps in ThameWe often receive enquiries from companies asking for help on how to appear on Google maps for searches in the local area and how do they get included in the 3 named business below the displayed local map on page 1 of Google.

The map and the 3 named businesses are shown by Google when a search is carried out for a specific service where a geographic location is included. For example, if you search for “electrician Oxford”, “printer Aylesbury” or “restaurant Thame” – each one results in a map with 3 markers present and 3 businesses listed below.

Critically there is a telephone contact number included and a link to the company’s website for the 3 businesses listed.

This can result in a large number of enquiries for those companies, that are shown, irrespective of whether they are listed in the paid advertising on the page or in the organic search results.

So How Do You Get Included?

By registering with Google MyBusiness and providing a complete profile you can be included in both the listings and on the map which can give you a very prominent position on page 1 of Google for the services you provide within your target market area.

Sounds too good to be true?

Unfortunately, it’s not quite as straight forward as you would like.

For a start, there are up to a maximum of only 3 companies listed below the map and in some competitive sectors this may often not be your company. Moreover, by clicking on the map more markers appear showing other companies in your sector giving the viewer more choice. Some of the red markers also have no name next to them whilst the 3 listed not only have a market but also their company name – a significant advantage.

How Do You Get In The Top 3

Every company that is listed should aim to be in the top 3 for their particular service or product. Whilst there isn’t any guarantee of what gets you into the top 3 there are a number of factors that you can influence that give you a higher probability of appearing there more frequently. Your listing needs to be set-up correctly, complete and be optimized for your particular service and updated on a regular basis. Once there you should continually work on it to maintain its position so that you can be found by prospective customers on Google Search and Google Maps.

If you need any help in registering your Google MyBusiness listing, speak to Website DNA at or 07969 892972 who are qualified and approved Google Partners.

Google MyBusiness and Google Maps – A Must For Local Companies

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