Digital Marketing Strategies For Oxford, Aylesbury, Thame Companies

Google AdWords - Oxford & AylesburyWe recently had an afternoon meeting with a prospective client who had attended a seminar, in the morning, by a local digital marketing company who only provided 1 service – Pay-Per-Click (PPC).

The management from the company asked a variety of questions that they had heard about in the morning on PPC. After covering all their points on PPC they were keen to go ahead and hire Website DNA to provide a Google AdWords service rather than the company they had listened to in the seminar.

To which I enquired how does this fit in with your digital marketing strategy?

Companies that have a well-thought through digital marketing strategy utilising a combination of online marketing services are more likely to achieve better results and more cost-effective results than those that use services in isolation.

Google AdWords will be less effective if it delivers a high quality visitor to the website, if the website isn’t set-up to have a high probability of converting that visitor to a prospective customer.

As a result if a digital marketing company can advise and if necessary implement changes to the website to raise the probability of converting the visitor, the Google AdWords campaign is likely to be more successful.

Search Engine Optimisation in Oxford & AylesburySome websites can achieve high organic rankings in the search engines without the need for paying for Google AdWords click-throughs. So by combining a search engine optimisation plan which can complement the Google AdWords, once again the PPC campaign can be more cost-effective.

In this case, the Google AdWords only has to target keywords that the search engine optimisation cannot get on to page 1 of Google.

As a result, a combination of search engine optimisation and a Google AdWords program can broaden the range of keywords that the website can be found for in the top pages of Google. This saves Google AdWords click-through costs and the company has greater visibility in the search engine results for its potential customers.

To implement search engine optimisation you have to understand website design, structure, coding and content management systems to implement it. A company with skills in only one form of digital marketing won’t achieve this.

Social Media Marketing experts in ThameSocial Media Marketing is another digital marketing element that can achieve high cost-effective returns for certain companies.

Once again, it can be used in combination with one or more digital marketing services. But if you currently don’t manage Social Media Marketing campaigns, how do you know how to implement them or have the experience of what works and what doesn’t?

For many companies combining digital marketing services shouldn’t be a case of using different services in isolation, but combining them as part of a comprehensive digital marketing strategy. As a result you are more likely to have a cost-effective online marketing that delivers a strong return on investment.

Effective Digital Marketing Strategies For Companies

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