Google Analytics Case Study For Oxford Company

If you don’t measure your website, how do you know if it works?

If you want to have an effective website you need to be able to measure how well it performs. So many companies both large and small have websites but so few actually monitor their performance. Website statistics can also help identify problems with your website and if you aren’t aware of how your website is used, how will you ever know if it is being as effective as you would like for your business?

Early in September 2013 I was speaking to the owner of a small company in Oxford that provide a range of health services. The website had 15 pages including a web page for the 8 different services they provided. The owner said that they checked how many enquiries they received through the website by actually asking enquirers how they had heard about the company. They also monitored how many of these actually turned into paying customers.

From 1st January to 31st July 2013 they received on average 11 enquiries a week through the website that resulted on average of 3 new customers signing up to a weekly average of £560 of additional revenue during the period. Three of the services his company provided seemed to get minimal interest but he put this down to being in a more competitive area.

Furthermore many of the new customers became customers who returned on a regular basis providing additional revenue. The company during this period had only spent a minimal amount on their website which was mainly the hosting cost.

Now while it was good of the owner to monitor how enquirers had found the company and how many of them actually became customers; he had no idea of how effective the company website was. Furthermore he had no website statistics package set-up.

Following a free evaluation of his website by Website DNA, we found that 3 of his Services’ web pages weren’t even recognised by Google and hence not included in the Google index results (no wonder he hadn’t seen any business for these services). Furthermore the company’s website wasn’t registered with Google MyBusiness for local business, and there was limited optimisation of the website for many of the key phrases used by prospective customers’ searching for the very services the company provided.

Following this review and its recommendations, the owner decided to have his website optimised and have a website statistics package installed. The owner can now see how his website is used, how many people visit, which pages they look at, where they come from and much more useful information. He knows his website is “search engine” friendly and is correctly indexed for search queries in all the major search engines.

He continues to ask enquiries where they heard about the company and is pleasantly surprised to find that on average he is now receiving 18 enquiries a week resulting in 11 new customers a week – a weekly average revenue of over £1750.

So don’t assume your website is effective without checking it and measuring it. Most website hosting companies provide a web statistics package with the hosting and even where they don’t Google provides a free website analytics package that is easy to install and use.

Oxford Company Google Analytics Case Study

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