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At Website DNA we often get asked by prospective clients “What do you think of our website?”

All of our clients have websites and to create and manage a digital marketing strategy, the quality of the website can determine the successful of the campaign.

We also get asked by clients to be involved at each stage of the website development. Can be tricky, as we are advising our client rather than the company/s providing the website design and content.

As an example, we recently had a meeting with a manufacturing company who had appointed a competent website design company and were employing a professional photographer for all the website photos. The photographer was also a qualified Google Trusted Photographer who could provide 360 Virtual Tours which can be embedded on the website.

The photographer had suggested it would be good idea to add a virtual tour on the website for the manufacturing company and the company had initially thought it was a good idea. Wrong.

Firstly, virtual tours are for the customer experience not for the company’s own ego. If you own a restaurant or retail shop or tourist attraction its fine. For an industrial workshop, manufacturing unrecognizable products – not a good idea.

A much better approach would be to create a 30 second video showing how a state of the art machine turns the initial starting “material block” into the end bespoke product and include the video in a case study on the website.

If you want an analysis of your website or independent advice during the website development stage contact Website DNA at or call on 07969 892972.

Make Sure Your Website Is Focused On The Customer Not The Company

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