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Company website text in Thame, Oxford & AylesburyAt Website DNA we recently met an Oxford-based client who had updated their glossy brochure and we were asked to copy the content from the brochure onto their website.

We explained to the client that while information in a brochure may be fine for marketing literature that is handed out to prospective clients, it was not suitable for their website. We received a strange stare, verging on the open mouth goldfish look as though we had arrived from another planet!

We then had to explain to the client that website text is very different from brochure text in both the way it is formatted and displayed on a website, as well as the way it needs to communicate with the reader.

Website text needs to be engaging and persuasive because if it isn’t the website visitor will leave and not return. A physical brochure can be put down and returned to where as a website may easily be not found again by the original visitor.

Reading text in a brochure is a lot easier than reading text on a screen so the concentration of the website visitor is less. Once again if not engaging they will leave. Shorter sentences, short paragraphs and more bullet points with a “punchier” style all help.

Also a website text needs to convey what the website owner wants the visitor to do. It has to be persuasive to get the visitor to carry out the task the website owner wants. This may be to contact the company, carry out an online transaction, download some information, sign up for a service such as a newsletter, etc.

Website text also needs to be optimised for the search engines so that the web page can be found high up in the search engine results when relevant search phrases are used by the person looking for the information.

The penny had finally dropped for the website owner and he provided us with the brochure and further product information so that we could create new effective content for his website. At Website DNA we have specialist SEO copywriters who create this engaging and persuasive content that is very effective at appearring high-up in the search engine results.

If you need your website content rewriting don’t copy your sales and brochure literature, talk to an expert such as Website DNA.

Website Content Doesn’t Equal Brochure Content

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