Website Visitors – Its NOT The Quantity It’s the Quality

Website Visitors – Its NOT The Quantity It’s the Quality

I recently attended a presentation on why search engine optimization (SEO) is a good value investment for company websites. The presenter demonstrated their company’s SEO ability by showing the increase in the number of visitors from a period before the work was carried out, to a period after the work was “completed”. Figures from 35% to 248% were given out which sounded fine.

However, there are 2 major issues to be aware of:

Firstly, additional visitors to a website, whilst might be helpful, isn’t always the right measurement because the true measure should be the quality of the visitors and how they interact with the website.

To illustrate this point, I once spoke to a managing director of an Oxford engineering company who was happy that is website received over 1,000 visitors a month and as a result said he didn’t require SEO for his website. He soon became a client, once I pointed out to him that just over one-third of is visitors were from China and had a 95% bounce rate.

The quality of the visitors can be measured in a number of different ways including looking at how they use the website and how they interact with the website – e.g. how long do they stay on the website, how many pages are viewed, AND crucially do they respond to the “Calls To Action” on the website and contact the company.

Secondly, cost-effect SEO is an ongoing process, not a “one-off” event that can be “completed”. Certainly, most websites will benefit from some SEO work being applied but the true value will appear from an ongoing program that enables the website to have continuous SEO applied.

This work can then reflect the many updates by Google who continually change the weightings that affect the factors that they measure to determine the search engine positions. Competitive factors can also be incorporated, as well as a methodical ongoing testing to see what works, what doesn’t and what can be improved, and make changes accordingly.

SEO can provide a very good ROI on marketing funds but to demonstrate its value you must apply it correctly and measure the critical KPI’s. Just like in a football match dominating possession with over 75% counts for nothing if you lose 2 – 1.

If you would like to try SEO to see how effective it would be for your company website, with measurable ROI and KPI’s, get in touch with Website DNA.

Google AdWords is changing to Google Ads

Google AdWords is changing to Google Ads

Google recently announced changes to its major advertising platform brand Google AdWords. Now welcomed by a new simpler name Google Ads phased in on the 24th July 2018.

The move from AdWords to ‘Ads’ shows a simplistic rebranding approach from Google AdWords which is no longer just keywords and text advertisements.

How To Choose A Google AdWords Management Company?

How To Choose A Google AdWords Management Company?

There are many companies who claim they know how to cost effectively manage a Google AdWords campaign and provide a positive ROI, but when you look in more detail there are many differences.

So what should you look for?

  1. Firstly, you should use a company that is qualified as a Google Partner and that all the employees who manage your campaign are qualified. To become a Google Partner a company and its employees need to not only have passed exams (which are also annually renewable) but also must manage active campaigns of a significant size.


How To Choose A Google AdWords Management Company?

Try A Google AdWords Company Evaluation

For many companies, the major decision in deciding whether to try Google AdWords is “Will It Work For My Company?”.

At Website DNA, as a qualified Google Partner, we have access to a wide range of data from Google that is not available to individual companies who try Google AdWords themselves.

As a result we can access existing data for specific industries and create a free Google AdWords Company Evaluation to see whether it would work for your company based on your industry data.

High Wycombe Google Analytics Review

High Wycombe Google Analytics Review

Website DNA were asked to review a website for a High Wycombe company that provided office furnishings for companies in the Thames Valley area and London.

They had a website which was just under a year old and although they were pleased with its appearance, they had become concerned that it wasn’t contributing to the company’s sales and marketing effort.

The original local website designer had added Google Analytics to the website and given the company the login details, but then had had no further contact with the company. The company had looked through Google Analytics but didn’t really understand what to look for or how to use Google Analytics to get a good overview of their website’s performance.

Google Analytics has a large amount of statistics that if properly analysed can provide an detailed view of how your website is performing and also how you can improve your website. It can show you who visits your website, how they interact with your website and highlight potential problems with the website.

On looking at the company’s analytics we created a report that was used for a review at a meeting with the company. The report showed the company how their website was performing with their target market and identified issues with both their marketing and their website performance.

As a result of implementing some website changes as identified by the Google Analytics the website is performing better and the company is achieving more enquiries through the website.

Now the company is continuing to monitor its website through customised reports that we provide every month. With monthly written explanation of the data they are aware of how their website is performing and can continuously make changes to improve their website and its contribution to the company.

If you have a website but don’t understand how well it is performing for your company give us a call on 07969 892972 or email us at .

How To Choose A Google AdWords Management Company?

Re-Marketing – Cost-Effective Digital Marketing

Have you ever wondered why when surfing the internet that you continually see advertisements from a website you had previously visited?

This is re-marketing. Most websites have a low conversion rate of between 1% – 3% which means that the remaining 97% – 99% leaves the website without ever contacting the company. However, they must have had some interest initially, otherwise they wouldn’t have visited the website in the first place.

So how do you re-engage with these lost visitors?

Re-marketing enables you to try to re-connect with these visitors who visited your website but didn’t contact you or carry out an online transaction or interaction (e.g. sign-up for a newsletter or download a brochure).

Re-marketing allows you to re-engage with them buy showing re-marketing banners (advertising text or images) when they browse other websites. These re-marketing banners can bring them back to your website giving you a second chance to get them to contact you or carry out an online interaction. The banners are clickable links back to your website maintaining your company awareness with potential customers.

If you would like to take advantage of this powerful re-marketing strategy, then get in touch with Website DNA on 079679 892972 or at .