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Re-Marketing – Cost-Effective Digital Marketing

Re-Marketing – Cost-Effective Digital Marketing

Have you ever wondered why when surfing the internet that you continually see advertisements from a website you had previously visited?

This is re-marketing. Most websites have a low conversion rate of between 1% – 3% which means that the remaining 97% – 99% leaves the website without ever contacting the company. However, they must have had some interest initially, otherwise they wouldn’t have visited the website in the first place.

So how do you re-engage with these lost visitors?

Re-marketing enables you to try to re-connect with these visitors who visited your website but didn’t contact you or carry out an online transaction or interaction (e.g. sign-up for a newsletter or download a brochure).

Re-marketing allows you to re-engage with them buy showing re-marketing banners (advertising text or images) when they browse other websites. These re-marketing banners can bring them back to your website giving you a second chance to get them to contact you or carry out an online interaction. The banners are clickable links back to your website maintaining your company awareness with potential customers.

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