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The Power of Google Ads Remarketing

The Power of Google Ads Remarketing

Google enables a company to remarket to previous visitors to their company website through a network of websites where you can display advertising display images. These display images provide a reminder of the company to the website viewer and include engaging text and images to try to persuade the visitor to return to the company website.

These remarketing campaigns can target different groups of specific visitors to the website and represent a very cost-effective way of encouraging a high quality website visitor to return to the company website. Two examples of particular types of visitors are visitors who are “cart abandoners” or “past convertors”.

These 2 groups can be very profitable groups to target.

Cart abandoners are people who added products to their shopping carts but didn’t complete the purchase. They obviously had some interest but didn’t complete the purchase process.

Past convertors are where you target people who bought something from your website. These visitors bought one or more products and may well be interested in buying again. They are familiar with your brand, your website, products and sales process and are more likely to make a purchase again.

Often past convertors drive the best remarketing performance for many advertisers. Generally past convertors can be sub-divided into 2 groups.

Firstly, repeat purchases of exactly the same product or the same product in a different variety (e.g. quantity) – for example dog food or fishing bait where the item is exactly the same and they just want to repeat a previous order.

The second group is where they like your style or design, so that the product may be different but has a similar style e.g. clothing. This second group is ideal for up-selling or cross-selling to since they’re purchased from your website before and you have a level of familiarity and creditability with them already.

Remarketing campaigns enable you to target high quality visitors who are already aware of you and your products or services. Furthermore, a remarketing campaign can significantly help to build brand awareness through the large amount of occasions that your display images and hence your brand is shown. They represent a significantly cheaper cost than the original click-through cost and can generate a significant ROI.

The Power of Google Ads Remarketing

Google AdWords is changing to Google Ads

Google recently announced changes to its major advertising platform brand Google AdWords. Now welcomed by a new simpler name Google Ads phased in on the 24th July 2018.

The move from AdWords to ‘Ads’ shows a simplistic rebranding approach from Google AdWords which is no longer just keywords and text advertisements.

Google AdWords & Measuring Your ROI

Google AdWords & Measuring Your ROI

One of the frequent responses we hear as to why companies are reluctant to try Google AdWords is that they don’t believe it will work for them and they are unsure as to how to measure its effectiveness.

However, Google AdWords does provide a number of ways that you can measure the return on your Google AdWords investment through “Conversion Tracking”.

Google AdWords & Measuring Your ROI

How To Choose A Google AdWords Management Company?

There are many companies who claim they know how to cost effectively manage a Google AdWords campaign and provide a positive ROI, but when you look in more detail there are many differences.

So what should you look for?

  1. Firstly, you should use a company that is qualified as a Google Partner and that all the employees who manage your campaign are qualified. To become a Google Partner a company and its employees need to not only have passed exams (which are also annually renewable) but also must manage active campaigns of a significant size.


Google AdWords & Measuring Your ROI

Effective London Google AdWords Campaigns

When Cost Effective Marketing For A London Company Becomes An Expensive Mistake

For many London companies appearing on page 1 of Google for their particular service or products often means using a Google AdWords campaign.

Google AdWords enables a London company to select specific search phrases that are related to the services or products it provides and appear on page 1 of Google when one of the search phrases is used. Only if the person searching then clicks through on the “Ad” to the website is the company charged. The cost of the click-through depends on the competitiveness of the particular search phrase.

For many companies creating and managing the Google AdWords campaign in-house is seen as a cost effective way to manage the company’s online marketing.

Unbeknown to most Google AdWords advertisers is the quite complex array of settings and the ever updated functions provided by Google. Furthermore, the campaign can be continually optimised, based on interpreting the vast amount of data provided by the Google campaign.

It is only by correctly managing the settings and responding to the Google statistics generated by the campaign can it be optimised. If set-up correctly and then continually optimised, it can be a very cost-effective tool for generating business enquiries.

Many campaigns fail to realise all the potential settings available or how to use them effectively. Most campaigns, as a result, end up showing up for searches where they are unable to provide the service.

As a consequence of appearing, the searcher may well click through on their Ad to the website. The company bears the cost of the click-through and the searcher quickly disappears when they realise the website is unsuitable for what they require.

Just by carrying out some searches highlights many companies are spending valuable marketing funds on poorly set-up Google AdWords campaigns. For example, a scaffolding company based in London appears for search phrases such as “scaffolding company Glasgow” or “scaffolding company Manchester”. The numerous dental companies in the London area who show up for the phrases “wedding braces London” or “ankle support brace London”. The kitchen installation companies that show up for “kitchen scissors” or “kitchen utensils”.

The list is endless, but many companies are managing their own Google AdWords campaign which is a false economy as it is not focussed on their target market. As a result, what can be a very cost effective marketing tool becomes an ineffective and disappointing marketing campaign.

Many companies are not aware of how inefficient their campaign is or discard it as “not suitable” for their company. The truth is they did not understand how to effectively use Google AdWords and end up missing out on what could have been a major source of new business for their company, if only managed professionally.

Website DNA is a qualified Google Partner and currently manages over 80 Google AdWords accounts. We are currently offering a free review for existing company Google AdWords accounts with recommendations for improvements. For new Google AdWords managed accounts we can provide a free £120 Google voucher towards the click-through costs. To contact Website DNA call 07969 892972 or email at digital@websitedna.co.uk .

5 Tips For Digital Marketing Your Wedding Venue

5 Tips For Digital Marketing Your Wedding Venue

Many venues across the country are unable to fully book their venues, some event venues are unable to push into the wedding venue market further.

We’ll provide you a list of useful venue marketing tips which we’ve recommended to our wedding venue clients to help bookings grow.

Social Media marketing

Social media marketing is key to showing off the beauty of the venue and enjoyment your previous visitors have had. Many venues use social media marketing already, if you haven’t I’d recommend Facebook & Instagram as they both provide good visual posting.

Make sure your posts have lots of photos of your wedding venue and your guests – potential wedding bookers want to see your venue in use. It’s reassuring to know that previous weddings have taken place successfully.
Ask the wedding photographer if you can some of his photos for your social media. Professional photos usually look better and vibrant.

Lastly, keep the posts up to date. The last thing you want is your potential guests seeing little sign of activity at your venue. Would you use an advertised wedding venue when the last wedding hosted on Facebook was in 2014?
Up-to-date social media posting also helps resurface your venue to previous customers who follow you but may now have a friend or relative who’s planning a wedding.

Update your website!

When we were first approached by a wedding venue complaining about a lack of bookings, it didn’t take long to see a reason why.

Their website was at least 5 years old and couldn’t be used on mobiles and tablets easily. Mobile and tablet usage easily takes over 50% of Google searches, therefore 50% of your visitors will need access to a website which can be used easily on mobile and tablet.

Here’s a list of problems which I think hold back venue websites:

  • Old websites: Your venue may be old; the website should be modern as that’s what we’re used to. Old websites may have other problems such as out of date code, broken plugins and slow interface – All of which can affect user experience and Google’s opinion of where to rank your website!
  • Out of date information: Text which is not longer relevant can mislead your potential customers turning them elsewhere. If you’re renovating a certain reception room or no longer have a licence to serve alcohol after late hours, make your website-visitors aware.
  • Lacking images of the venue: Like with social media, you should provide a stream of the latest events or wedding photos.
  • Website not properly optimised for the search engines. If your website isn’t optimised for your location wedding venues, potential customers can’t seek you out.

Wedding Venue Directories

Entering your wedding venue on popular ‘wedding venue directories’ such as Hitched, Wedding-venues.co.uk and Guides For Brides can be useful for marketing your venue to people searching in your local county.

Be warned that there’s usually an associated fee with posting your venue on these websites.

I would personally recommend using these as a booking-filler after trying our other tips. Preferably, customers should find your website directly as you can build your brand and target your audience directly.

Pay Per Click campaigns for Wedding Venues

If you don’t know what pay-per-click advertising is, I shall explain it briefly. You pay to place an advert on somewhere like Google or Facebook, when someone clicks on the advert you pay a small fee.

When it comes to wedding venues, you can target people within 10 miles of your venue searching for ‘wedding venues’ on Google and appear at the top for free. You only pay when the searcher clicks on your advert.

Given that we manage a few wedding venues’ pay per click campaigns, from our experience we achieved a healthy return on their advertising spend.

You can consider trying pay per click for the wedding venue industry as we’ve had proven results – Just make sure you target your advertising correctly or hire the right digital marketing agency to do it for you.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) on Wedding Venue websites

Having a nice wedding venue website is nice only if you’re being found. Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is used to make sure your website appears on Google searches for ‘wedding venues *your location*’ or ‘manor house wedding venue’.

Without search engine optimisation your website may not easily appear on the first page of Google – Appearing for your brand, manor or building name usually isn’t enough.

Many searchers won’t know your wedding venue exists until they find it in Google – showing for just ‘Bob’s Barn Wedding Venue’ is important but appearing for more generic searches is key to further bookings.

How to get SEO on your website? For dealing with competitive terms you generally should rely on the expertise of a professional digital marketing agency. Optionally you can learn yourself, check beginner guides to learn some of the SEO factors.

In summary, consider these five factors to improve your wedding venue marketing. Consider getting in touch with us – we have had success in the past with marketing wedding venues and may be able to help your venue.