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Understand Your Customer Experience With Google Analytics

Understand Your Customer Experience With Google Analytics

Whilst most companies have a modern website with a large amount of information, many have little idea what their potential customers think of it or how they use it.

A company website should be designed and operate, not for the company, but for the potential customer who visits the website. So many websites are designed and built by companies who want to get all their information online.

Little thought is given out to how the prospective customer views the website, how they use it and whether they fulfill the wish of the company that owns it.

What most companies don’t do, is analysis how their website is used. And yet there is a tool – Google Analytics that provides a wide range of data that can help you understand your website visitors’ experience. If you can understand their experience, then you’re in a much better position to use your website to convert your visitor into a potential customer.

Google Analytics data is immense and whilst the headline figures are useful – such as number of visitors, how long they stay on your website, etc.; it is only by evaluating the data deeper can you fully understand your visitors experience.

You can understand how a visitor gets to your website, what is their page journey once on the website, what they do on each page and from where they leave your website. You can find out where they are located, age, gender and what device they are viewing the website. The Google Analytics can be set up to measure how many visitors fill out a form, request information, download a brochure, newsletter or technical factsheet.

Google Analytics will provide data on each individual web page which will show you how effective it is and help you identify what areas of the website work, what needs improving and areas of information or functionality that are missing.

If your company had access to this type of information with the right analysis and interpretation your website and company marketing can be continuously improved and optimised. By improving the effectiveness of your company website you can increase company revenue and improve profitability.

Website DNA are qualified Google Analytics specialists and can provide your company with an in-depth report and explain clearly how your website is performing. We can recommend how to improve your website and enhance your customer experience. Call us today on 07969 892972 or contact us at digital@websitedna.co.uk .

Understand Your Customer Experience With Google Analytics

Do You Really Understand Google Analytics – London Case Studies

Google Analytics and how it impacted 2 London companies

To many companies the ability to see how their website performs using Google Analytics is very important. And so it should be, as Google Analytics provides a large amount of data on the website visitors’ characteristics and their interactions with the website.

Many company owners look at the Google Analytics statistics on a regular basis as a check to see that their website is working and receiving visitors. However, not many of them actual understand how to use Google Analytics and interpret the meaning of the figures.

For example, I spoke to a London company owner who viewed his Google Analytics on a monthly basis, and was very pleased that on average visitors viewed 6.23 pages on his website for every visit. He took this to mean his website was useful to his visitors and hence it must be helping his company generate business.

Having carried out a review of his website and his Google Analytics he wasn’t too pleased to hear that the reason they viewed so many pages on average were that the navigation on the website was poor and it was very difficult for a visitor to find the right page quickly and easily. Hence they were forced to go through several different pages before they got to the page and the information they really needed.

As a result, the navigation on his website has been re-structured resulting in fewer pages visited and a more logical path through his services. Now the average number of pages viewed is 3.74 and yet the number of enquiries he receives through the website has increased by 32% in the 3 months since the website changes.

Another London company owner, was very pleased to see that his website received over 800 visitors a month which had increased by 22% over the last year. The company provided mini-coach and coach services in the London and Thames Valley area.

On a review of his Google Analytics I had to point out to him that the main location of visitors to his website (just over 40%) were in Glasgow and hence were never going to be prospective customers. I had to explain to him that a company with a similar name to his was based in Glasgow and was the reason for a large proportion of his website visitors.

As a consequence, over the last 2 years, his number of website visitors from the Thames Valley and London area had actually declined by 30%. Now he has started a Goggle AdWords campaign focused on his target market and his website is now the main source of company enquiries.

So, don’t just look at the main headline figures in Google Analytics. Make sure you understand them and how they impact your business. For a free Google Analytics review of your website please contact Website DNA at digital@websitedna.co.uk or 07969 892972.

Most Companies Don’t Know What Their Website Does!

Most Companies Don’t Know What Their Website Does!

The majority of companies have a modern website created that can be viewed on a range of devices and contains all the information on the company.

But most companies never look at how their website performs. They don’t know how many people visit it, who the visitors are, where they come from, what they do when on the website, and most importantly, what the website contributes to the company itself.

The assumption is that the website is there, it works and it’s just one of those elements that a company must have and once it’s there the “box can be ticked”.

However, the website should be a key dynamic marketing tool that evolves with the company over time. It should be continually managed to ensure its performance and contribution to the company is maximized.
The first way to understand a website’s performance is to have a look at how it is currently used. An analysis of Google Analytics will provide a good overview of how active it is, and a more detailed analysis will also show how it is used and will also highlight any issues the existing website has.

Once you understand how it is used you can make changes to improve its performance to make sure it is attracting the right visitors (i.e. your target market) and in sufficient volume.

A website shouldn’t just look attractive and be full of information. It should have a purpose with objectives that can be measured. The objectives may be to carry out online transactions, generate enquiries via telephone or email, to sign-up for a service (e.g. newsletters, competitions, etc.), to provide information and/or build brand awareness.

Based on the websites’ objectives and your initial website analysis you can then make changes to the website to make sure the visitors carry out what you want.

You may need to change the website navigation structure, update the content to make it more engaging and persuasive. You may need to add more “Calls-To-Action” or put more emphasis on the benefits of your service and how your company provides the solution to the visitor’s problem.

Once you have made the changes you can then measure the impact using Google Analytics and internal company monitoring systems and continually make changes to your website to improve its performance and contribution to your company.

Understand Your Customer Experience With Google Analytics

London Company Website Google Analytics Evaluation

We recently carried out a Website Evaluation for a London publishing company who were pleased with their website appearance, content and functionality. They thought the Google Analytics indicated everything was fine with the website experience for its large number of visitors.

However, the London company couldn’t understand why its main service offering wasn’t generating the sales expected, whereas its’ other minor sales offerings received strong demand. The company had a web page for each of its 7 service pages with 1 main service and 6 associated services.

The Google Analytics indicated that the website received over 8,750 visits a month with average duration on the website over 2 minutes and a bounce rate below 22%. Based on these figures the owner of the company couldn’t understand why the main service wasn’t generating more enquiries.

At Website DNA we carried out a thorough evaluation of the website including its technical set-up, performance and content which worked well with a intuitive navigation structure.

When looking at the Google Analytics we found that the main service page received less visitors than the associated more minor services. The other statistics for the main service page was fine – it just appeared not to receive the traffic you would have expected – a warning sign.

On further investigation, we found it wasn’t being included in Google’s organic search results and had been missed off in the company’s XML sitemap. As a result, Google wasn’t aware of it and hence the service page had less visibility than the other web pages on the website.

By optimizing the website, the main service page and updating the XML sitemap the web page soon appeared high up in the search engine results and the increase in enquiries for the main service increased significantly.

On this occasion, it was understanding the Google Analytics data that indicated that there was a problem with the specific web page. Google Analytics provides a huge range of data which not only indicates the level of performance but can also be used to identify potential problems that a website may have. By recognizing these issues, they then can be addressed to improve the website’s performance.

If you would like to understand your company’s website performance and identify any issues that it may have contact Website DNA for a free Google Analytics review at digital@websitedna.co.uk or 07969 892972.

Most Companies Don’t Know What Their Website Does!

High Wycombe Google Analytics Review

Website DNA were asked to review a website for a High Wycombe company that provided office furnishings for companies in the Thames Valley area and London.

They had a website which was just under a year old and although they were pleased with its appearance, they had become concerned that it wasn’t contributing to the company’s sales and marketing effort.

The original local website designer had added Google Analytics to the website and given the company the login details, but then had had no further contact with the company. The company had looked through Google Analytics but didn’t really understand what to look for or how to use Google Analytics to get a good overview of their website’s performance.

Google Analytics has a large amount of statistics that if properly analysed can provide an detailed view of how your website is performing and also how you can improve your website. It can show you who visits your website, how they interact with your website and highlight potential problems with the website.

On looking at the company’s analytics we created a report that was used for a review at a meeting with the company. The report showed the company how their website was performing with their target market and identified issues with both their marketing and their website performance.

As a result of implementing some website changes as identified by the Google Analytics the website is performing better and the company is achieving more enquiries through the website.

Now the company is continuing to monitor its website through customised reports that we provide every month. With monthly written explanation of the data they are aware of how their website is performing and can continuously make changes to improve their website and its contribution to the company.

If you have a website but don’t understand how well it is performing for your company give us a call on 07969 892972 or email us at digital@websitedna.co.uk .