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Google Shopping Ads: The Importance of Google Merchant Center

Google Shopping Ads: The Importance of Google Merchant Center

Google Shopping ads show above, or to the right side of the text ads on the search results page. The ads include a product image, title, description, company name & price – taken from the information you submit into the Merchant Center data feed. The successfulness of the shopping ads is largely dependent on the quality of the Merchant Center.

Merchant Center

The Merchant Center is an online dashboard where you can manage and edit the products you’re selling via Google Shopping. The main use of the Merchant Center is to upload and maintain product information which is then displayed within the Ads.

Data Feed (Spreadsheet)

Google Shopping uses a data feed, submitted into the Merchant Center, to access the correct information when displaying the product ads. The data feed is spreadsheet file that contains the details of the products you are selling.

Google has various required & optional fields you submit for each product when creating the spreadsheet and it is the quality of the spreadsheet content that impacts the performance of the Google Ads campaigns.
Diagnostics (Re-process feeds)

The diagnostics section displays any outstanding issues within the Merchant Center, such as expiring & disapproved products. You can view the number of items that are currently active, disapproved, expiring or pending. Google will provide a reason if products are disapproved and direct you towards a solution in Google Help.

The data feeds must be re-processed at least once every 30 days to avoid products expiring and eventually becoming disapproved. You can submit feeds manually or set up scheduled fetches by entering the desired frequency, timing and location of the feed.

Google Ads

The Merchant Center account must be linked with a Google Ads account to set up the Shopping campaigns. From the Google Ads dashboard, you can separate and organise the products into campaigns and ad groups (e.g. brands/price/material/flavour etc.).

To achieve the best results from Google Shopping, you should continually optimise the campaigns. By using conversion tracking to measure the total transactions and profit produced by Google Shopping you can assess the return on investment of your Google Ads Account.

Google Shopping can be a cost-effective advertising tool for companies selling products online. However, it’s important to ensure the Merchant Center is optimized effectively to get the best results from the Google Ads campaigns and increase sales for your business.

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