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London Company Website Google Analytics Evaluation

London Company Website Google Analytics Evaluation

We recently carried out a Website Evaluation for a London publishing company who were pleased with their website appearance, content and functionality. They thought the Google Analytics indicated everything was fine with the website experience for its large number of visitors.

However, the London company couldn’t understand why its main service offering wasn’t generating the sales expected, whereas its’ other minor sales offerings received strong demand. The company had a web page for each of its 7 service pages with 1 main service and 6 associated services.

The Google Analytics indicated that the website received over 8,750 visits a month with average duration on the website over 2 minutes and a bounce rate below 22%. Based on these figures the owner of the company couldn’t understand why the main service wasn’t generating more enquiries.

At Website DNA we carried out a thorough evaluation of the website including its technical set-up, performance and content which worked well with a intuitive navigation structure.

When looking at the Google Analytics we found that the main service page received less visitors than the associated more minor services. The other statistics for the main service page was fine – it just appeared not to receive the traffic you would have expected – a warning sign.

On further investigation, we found it wasn’t being included in Google’s organic search results and had been missed off in the company’s XML sitemap. As a result, Google wasn’t aware of it and hence the service page had less visibility than the other web pages on the website.

By optimizing the website, the main service page and updating the XML sitemap the web page soon appeared high up in the search engine results and the increase in enquiries for the main service increased significantly.

On this occasion, it was understanding the Google Analytics data that indicated that there was a problem with the specific web page. Google Analytics provides a huge range of data which not only indicates the level of performance but can also be used to identify potential problems that a website may have. By recognizing these issues, they then can be addressed to improve the website’s performance.

If you would like to understand your company’s website performance and identify any issues that it may have contact Website DNA for a free Google Analytics review at digital@websitedna.co.uk or 07969 892972.