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When writing content for websites it is important to not only think about your human visitor but also on how the search engines will view your web page.

Far too often content is created for websites with limited thought given to the search engines and the impact it can have in the search engine results for relevant searches. A well thought through page of content can not only be informative to the human visitor but can also position the web page high-up in the search engine results for relevant searches.

This can bring visitors to the website from the targeted market of the company website.

This combination of producing content for both the human visitor and the search engines is best carried out by SEO copywriters rather than the traditional PR consultancies who have limited knowledge of how to create content for the search engines and how to optimise a web page.

By having quality content optimised for the search engines, and being able to optimise the whole web page on an optimised website, can substantially increase visitors to a website. Not only will it increase the number of visitors to the website, but also raise the quality of the visitors as a large proportion can be from the companys’ target market.

Producing regular quality content for a website that is also optimised for the search engines can be part of a Content Marketing Strategy that is very cost-effective in increasing relevant visitors to a website and converting them to customers.

So rather than just add regular content to your website as your “Website Content Strategy” make sure it is effective and measure its impact through tools such as Google Analytics to ensure it represents marketing funds spent wisely.

To see how Website DNA could provide a high quality cost-effective Content Marketing Strategy for your company website view our SEO Copywriting service and get in touch.