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In a recent article I covered Google Ads Remarketing campaigns focused on e-commerce websites. However, Remarketing campaigns can be applied to a wide range of websites where the aim is to generate enquiries for products or services and not to directly buy a product online.

Google Remarketing campaigns enables a company to remarket to previous visitors to their company website through a network of websites where you can display advertising images.

These advertising images provide a reminder of the company to the website viewer and include engaging text and images to try to persuade the visitor to return to the company website.

Google states that in 96% of first visits to a website, the visitor does not carry out a purchase or interact with the website on that visit. Its only on secondary and additional visits where the interaction levels are higher and Remarketing campaigns are an ideal way of generating those subsequent visits to a website.

Many websites have forms, which when completed are sent to the company enquiring about purchasing a service. For example, a Wedding Venue website may have a form where you can “Book A Private Tour” or a window manufacturing company may have a “Quick Quote” form where you can request a quote for wood manufactured windows.

In each case, you can not only remarket to the website visitors, but you can also have specific Remarketing campaigns for those that started the forms but failed to complete them. If the form is quite long you could use Remarketing campaign to get the visitor to “Request a Callback” where they can go through their requirements in a phone conversation rather than complete the form.

These Remarketing campaigns can target these groups of specific visitors to the website and represent a very cost-effective way of encouraging a high quality website visitor to return to the company website.

Furthermore, a remarketing campaign can significantly help to build brand awareness through the repetition of the advertising images being seen by the same person on a regular basis over a short period. When set-up correctly the advertising images are shown on a significant number of occasions across a wide range of devices and when not clicked through on represent free digital advertising.

Remarketing campaigns enable you to target high quality visitors who are already aware of you and your products or services. They represent a significantly cheaper cost than the original click-through cost and can generate a significant ROI.