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When Cost Effective Marketing For A London Company Becomes An Expensive Mistake

For many London companies appearing on page 1 of Google for their particular service or products often means using a Google AdWords campaign.

Google AdWords enables a London company to select specific search phrases that are related to the services or products it provides and appear on page 1 of Google when one of the search phrases is used. Only if the person searching then clicks through on the “Ad” to the website is the company charged. The cost of the click-through depends on the competitiveness of the particular search phrase.

For many companies creating and managing the Google AdWords campaign in-house is seen as a cost effective way to manage the company’s online marketing.

Unbeknown to most Google AdWords advertisers is the quite complex array of settings and the ever updated functions provided by Google. Furthermore, the campaign can be continually optimised, based on interpreting the vast amount of data provided by the Google campaign.

It is only by correctly managing the settings and responding to the Google statistics generated by the campaign can it be optimised. If set-up correctly and then continually optimised, it can be a very cost-effective tool for generating business enquiries.

Many campaigns fail to realise all the potential settings available or how to use them effectively. Most campaigns, as a result, end up showing up for searches where they are unable to provide the service.

As a consequence of appearing, the searcher may well click through on their Ad to the website. The company bears the cost of the click-through and the searcher quickly disappears when they realise the website is unsuitable for what they require.

Just by carrying out some searches highlights many companies are spending valuable marketing funds on poorly set-up Google AdWords campaigns. For example, a scaffolding company based in London appears for search phrases such as “scaffolding company Glasgow” or “scaffolding company Manchester”. The numerous dental companies in the London area who show up for the phrases “wedding braces London” or “ankle support brace London”. The kitchen installation companies that show up for “kitchen scissors” or “kitchen utensils”.

The list is endless, but many companies are managing their own Google AdWords campaign which is a false economy as it is not focussed on their target market. As a result, what can be a very cost effective marketing tool becomes an ineffective and disappointing marketing campaign.

Many companies are not aware of how inefficient their campaign is or discard it as “not suitable” for their company. The truth is they did not understand how to effectively use Google AdWords and end up missing out on what could have been a major source of new business for their company, if only managed professionally.

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