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In a previous article we discussed The Power Of Google Ads Remarketing. Facebook Retargeting follows the same concept, it allows you to show ads to people who have previously visited your website but have not yet converted into a customer.

72% of online shoppers will abandon their cart before completing their order and only 8% of these visitors will return to complete their order without retargeting (statistics from Wishpond). It’s crucial to remind your previous website visitors of your products and services to convert them into full paying customers.

How does it work?

The Facebook Pixel is a piece of code for your website that lets you measure, optimise and build audiences for your advertising campaigns. Each Facebook Advertiser is given a unique Facebook Pixel, when someone visits your website and takes an action (e.g. Purchases a product, Signs-up for a newsletter, visits a specific webpage etc) the Pixel is triggered and reports this action. Here are some useful new retargeting features to help you gain more conversions from returning visitors:

Retargeting visitors via specific pages:

The pixel allows you to track specific pages visitors have engaged with, from this you can retarget those visitors with a relevant ad that matches the content of that page. For example, if you own a sportswear company you can track people who visited certain products. If people have been viewing pages selling trainers, you can then retarget to them with a display advert reminding them of the range of trainers they have viewed recently.

Retargeting visitors who nearly signed up, but didn’t complete the process:

Target visitors who landed on your sign-up page but didn’t complete the form. It can be frustrating to see a high volume of visitors landing on your sign-up/contact us page without converting but it happens a lot, for various reasons e.g. running out of time, dropped internet connection, other distractions. Retargeting to these visitors will remind them of their intentions to sign-up and provides the final push to increase conversions.

Excluding non-converting visitors:

Excluding irrelevant audiences is a cost-effective method of increasing your conversion rates from retargeting campaigns. Not everyone who visits your website will be interested in your products or services and you should avoid retargeting to those people. For example, you should exclude the visitors who spend the least amount of time on your website.

Facebook Analytics:

This is a free tool provided by Facebook which allows you to analyse statistics from the people are engaging with your website. The Facebook Analytics dashboard provides insights of a visitor’s demographics such as; gender, age, location, interests, device and predicted income as well as their page-by-page journey on your website including landing and exit pages.

Facebook Retargeting can be a cost-effective marketing tool to remind website visitors of your products and services. Using the features mentioned above you will see an increase in conversions from visitors who were previously leaving your website without converting.

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