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Free Website SEO Audit

Improve your website visibility in the search engine results with our free SEO audit

Find out how you could improve your current search strategy and get some free actionable advice from one of our qualified experts, all recorded in a illustrated video unique to you.

By improving the search engine optimisation for your website you can increase visitors to your website who are searching precisely for the services or products that you provide.

By increasing the prospective customers to your website and engaging them with persuasive content you can turn them into new clients.

Complete the form today and get your review to help boost your enquiries and business’s growth.

Free Website SEO Review

What Goes Into Your Free SEO Audit?

One of our SEO experts will review your website from an SEO perspective and show you in an easy to follow video. The video will show you how to improve your website’s visibility in the search engines through a series of recommendations. We’ll look at your website methodically, highlighting areas for improvement that will help your website rank better in the organic search engine results.



We’ll identify which search phrases your customers are using to look precisely for your services or products and where you currently rank.

Result: You will know which keywords you need to focus on for your website’s SEO.

Website Structure

We’ll look at how your website is structured and whether that is optimised effectively for SEO.

Result: Any areas for improvement are identified with recommendations for a more effective structure using the keywords.

Website Authority

We’ll look at whether other relevant business websites are linking to you – a key indicator of your trustworthiness by the search engines.

Result: Better understanding of how to improve your link structure going forward.


We’ll take a look at the technical quality of your website including loading speeds, its functionality and appearance on different devices.

Result: A better understanding of areas to improve to keep more visitors on your website.



At each stage of the audit we’ll give you a series of actionable tasks to help improve your website’s SEO.

Results: Improvement in search engine visibility leading to more prospective customers visiting your website.

SEO is most effective as a continuous programme and there are no short cuts, so we can also give you a quote, should you want ongoing professional SEO work.