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At Website DNA we get a regular flow of enquiries where companies want a review of their existing Google Ads campaign, which we provide for free. Many of these campaigns are managed for the company by a professional marketing agency. Prior to starting the review, we need to know 3 vital elements:

1. We need to learn more about the company.
2. What they are trying to achieve with their Google Ads campaign.
3. How they measure the return on their marketing cost.

Whilst the first two are easy, many do not have in place any method for measuring the return on their Google Ads marketing expenditure.

When we ask “How do they know if it is profitable if they don’t measure it?” – we receive answers varying from “We get a lot more visitors to our website” to “We think it generates more online transactions”.

At Website DNA, wherever possible, we aim to measure the performance of all our Google Ads campaigns to demonstrate their profitability to our clients and we currently manage over 90 pay-per-click campaigns. As we don’t tie any client into any time contract, we use our results-driven approach to retain our clients and have retained 85% of clients who started with us 2 years ago.

To measure the profitability of a Google Ads campaign there are numerous different ways, depending on the objective of the company’s website. For some it is straight forward, where for example, a company wants to measure how many online transactions are completed or where a service is booked online. By looking at the revenue generated from Google Ads generated customers and accounting for the marketing and product costs the company can work out a return on investment (ROI).

For other companies it may be to complete a form, which may be for example, a leisure centre offering free activity trial passes or a country house showing prospective wedding couples around a reception venue. In the case of the leisure centre, it will know how many trial passes it needs to give out to convert 1 into a new paying member signing up.

Likewise, for a country house wedding venue it knows on average, how many couples it needs to show round the property to get 1 signing up and the average value of the revenue generated.

Once again, they both can look at the return on investment.

It is vital that companies measure the return they make on their Google Ads expenditure. Not only does this show the profitability of the campaign to the company, so that it can work out how best to allocate its total marketing budget, but it also shows the company how well the professional managed agency service is performing.

If you have a Google Ads campaign and you don’t know how well it is performing, speak to Website DNA for a free professional review with recommendations on how to improve it.