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Many companies find measuring the performance of their marketing spend e.g. radio ads, magazine ads, etc. very difficult, if not impossible, and as a result they don’t know what types of marketing work and what doesn’t for their company.

Google Ads provides Conversion Tracking which enables you to measure the value of those visitors that it brings to the website. You can then compare the cost of the Google Ads campaign with the value it has generated to work out an ROI for your Google Ads marketing.

Conversion Tracking in Google Ads enables you to measure how a visitor, derived through the Google Ads campaign, has interacted with your website. When a visitor completes an action on your website that you have identified as your objective, then this is recorded as a conversion. The conversion may be an online transaction, signing up for a newsletter or contacted your business via a form or a telephone call, or one of numerous other actions on your website that you can measure.

Not only does this allow you to measure a ROI for your Google Ads marketing but it allows you to continuously improve the Google Ads performance to raise the ROI further.

How is this possible?

The Google Ads data from the campaign allows you to see which keywords, Ads, Ad Groups and Campaigns are performing best at creating the conversions. You can view the data in terms of devices, location, age group time or day of the week enabling further refinement to improve the Google Ads performance.

Google Ads provide sophisticated bidding strategies to help you monitor performance as well as improve it.

So next time you are considering where you should invest your marketing budget think about how effective each marketing channel is and whether you can truly measure it. Rather than blindly allocating company marketing funds to a range of marketing channels hoping the overall return will justify it, evaluate each to see how effective it is.

Google Ads not only provides a direct route to your target market but also a very cost-effective marketing channel where you can directly measure the ROI. Google Ads shouldn’t be seen as “Why would you?” more a case of “Why wouldn’t you?”.