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Wedding venue marketing in Oxford, Aylesbury and High Wycombe

Google Ads campaigns, when managed and optimized correctly, can provide a significant return on investment for wedding venues trying to gain more bookings.

For many wedding venues, they have attractive websites with a considerable number of photos of both past weddings and the splendors of the venue. Whilst prospective bride and groom venue hirers may be impressed, there is a significant number of venues which provides intense competition. Unfortunately for the venue having a good website is not enough to guarantee sufficient bookings.

Many venues have an average visibility in the organic search engines in their immediate area, but once outside that, they often don’t appear and yet still want to attract prospective hirers from greater distances from their location.

This is where Google Ads campaigns can have a dramatic impact allowing wedding venues to appear high up on page 1 of Google in targeted areas, not necessarily in their immediate area.

Furthermore, a professionally managed campaign can have on-going optimization providing a steady flow of prospective wedding venue hirers enquiring and visiting the wedding venue.

At Website DNA we manage Google Ads campaigns for 8 different venues throughout the UK and provide a very attractive cost per acquisition (CPA) of prospective hirers visiting the venue. We statistically measure the number of online private viewings that are booked and have been derived from the Google Ads campaigns. The venue knows from their own statistics how many prospective viewers they need for every 1 booking they receive. As a result, they can calculate the CPA for each booking derived from their Google Ads campaign.

They then can compare the Google Ads CPA with other sources which generate bookings, and more often than not, the Google Ads campaigns comes out very favourably. Not only do the Google Ads provide a low CPA but they also generate a high volume of bookings becuase of the quality of the Google Ads visitors, which is critical to a wedding venue.

If you are a wedding venue looking to generate a high number of bookings at a low average CPA get in touch. If you already have a Google Ads, we provide a free review with recommendations for improvement and if you are new to Google Ads, we can provide a free £120 voucher so that you can try it with no obligation to continue past the trial period.

Contact Website DNA at digital@websitedna.co.uk or on 07969 892972.