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Google recently announced changes to its major advertising platform brand Google AdWords. Now welcomed by a new simpler name Google Ads phased in on the 24th July 2018.

The move from AdWords to ‘Ads’ shows a simplistic rebranding approach from Google AdWords which is no longer just keywords and text advertisements.

Google AdWords logoWith the broad selection of ad mediums such as the Display Network, YouTube, Gmail, Apps and shopping advertisements have changed the use of images and videos in Google’s advertising platform.

So far, changes have been limited to the user interface. A new logo and text re-branding across the Google Ads platform.

Long-term, the re-branding is aimed at bringing in smaller businesses to try Google Ads – under the newly announced ‘Smart Campaigns’ which will rely on machine learning bidding and artificial intelligence to save time and resources of busy business owners.

Impact of the ‘machine learning’ has been limited, many advertising campaigns still need non-AI monitoring to increase their effectiveness. Their implementation has focussed on bidding rather than ad creation, removal of poor search terms, campaign structure and choosing keywords which you still have to set-up manually.

For small to medium sized businesses, it seems like a good idea, but in practice without proper support and installation of the tracking code, the machine learning bids will have reduced effectiveness.

A combination of machine learning bidding and professional management still proves most effective for all sized businesses.

An example: We’ve worked with a small bathroom fitting company, locally based in Oxford, to create their website with a suggestion to run a Google Ads campaign.

We installed our own tracking code, and with our management we achieved 8 enquiries via email in the month of July 2018 for a cost of £262.88 – that’s £32.86 an enquiry, not counting the call enquiries which we did not track.

You don’t have to be a bathroom specialist to see they made a good return from our Google Ads management.
To learn more about our PPC management services, get in touch – we provide free Google Ads account audits for existing accounts and if you are new to Google Ads, we provide up to £120 towards the initial advertising costs.

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