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Website DNA were asked to review a website for a High Wycombe company that provided office furnishings for companies in the Thames Valley area and London.

They had a website which was just under a year old and although they were pleased with its appearance, they had become concerned that it wasn’t contributing to the company’s sales and marketing effort.

The original local website designer had added Google Analytics to the website and given the company the login details, but then had had no further contact with the company. The company had looked through Google Analytics but didn’t really understand what to look for or how to use Google Analytics to get a good overview of their website’s performance.

Google Analytics has a large amount of statistics that if properly analysed can provide an detailed view of how your website is performing and also how you can improve your website. It can show you who visits your website, how they interact with your website and highlight potential problems with the website.

On looking at the company’s analytics we created a report that was used for a review at a meeting with the company. The report showed the company how their website was performing with their target market and identified issues with both their marketing and their website performance.

As a result of implementing some website changes as identified by the Google Analytics the website is performing better and the company is achieving more enquiries through the website.

Now the company is continuing to monitor its website through customised reports that we provide every month. With monthly written explanation of the data they are aware of how their website is performing and can continuously make changes to improve their website and its contribution to the company.

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