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There are many companies who claim they know how to cost effectively manage a Google AdWords campaign and provide a positive ROI, but when you look in more detail there are many differences.

So what should you look for?

  1. Firstly, you should use a company that is qualified as a Google Partner and that all the employees who manage your campaign are qualified. To become a Google Partner a company and its employees need to not only have passed exams (which are also annually renewable) but also must manage active campaigns of a significant size.

  1. Make sure that the company who manages your Google AdWords campaign is who you think they are. There are many Marketing companies and Website Design companies who don’t have the expertise to provide the service internally but outsource it.
  1. Companies that provide a range of digital marketing services often can provide a better Google AdWords management service as it can be part of an integrated digital marketing strategy including complimentary services such as Search Engine Optimisation. This will provide a better service with one company rather than across several companies all providing a disjointed separate marketing service.
  1. Google AdWords is a very flexible online advertising tools so make sure it is continually updated to reflect your business requirements rather than put on “automatic” by the managing company.
  1. Ask the company – “How are they going to measure and report the performance of the campaign?”. You need to see regular reports (monthly) and where possible with KPI’s and ROI statistics. Make the company accountable so the campaign works to your objectives.
  1. Many companies claim to be “award-winning” in their marketing literature but ensure its relevant to the Google AdWords service you want and not some other marketing service. Many companies have won obscure awards for specific services in one small part of a particular county, but it doesn’t mean they are good at managing your Google AdWords campaign.
    A relevant “award” to look out for, is have they been part of the Google Elevator Programme – a programme that recognizes leading digital marketing companies throughout the UK that have provided a high level of service using Google AdWords. Only 30 companies a year are pre-selected by Google out of over 30,000 throughout the UK.
  1. Do they have direct access to Google Account Strategists? The leading professional Google AdWords management companies have direct access enabling them to implement the latest features and strategies as well as access to data and sector trends not available in the normal AdWords interface.
  1. Check to see if the Google AdWords management company has any experience in managing Google AdWords for your type of service. The more professional marketing companies may well have some experience which will help making the campaign cost-effective at a very early stage.
  1. Whilst the traditional search text Ads can be very effective there are different Google AdWords campaign’s. Enquire whether the marketing company can provide an AdWords campaign with a bespoke solution to meet your objectives rather than just the traditional search Ads. The more professional companies should have experience and be able to provide you with different types of campaigns which suit your specific requirements and Shopping, Mobile and/or Remarketing campaigns may be more suitable.
  1. The best Google AdWords management companies do not tie you in to a long contract of 6 or 12 months. The best managers are those that use their expertise and results to retain their clients and as a result there is no need to be tied into a disappointing and expensive time contract.

Google AdWords, when managed professionally, on an ongoing basis, can be a very cost-effective form of marketing that can be directly measured, yet when not correctly managed can be expensive and deliver disappointing results. Make sure your Google AdWords management company provides your business with positive results.