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Google Analytics and how it impacted 2 London companies

To many companies the ability to see how their website performs using Google Analytics is very important. And so it should be, as Google Analytics provides a large amount of data on the website visitors’ characteristics and their interactions with the website.

Many company owners look at the Google Analytics statistics on a regular basis as a check to see that their website is working and receiving visitors. However, not many of them actual understand how to use Google Analytics and interpret the meaning of the figures.

For example, I spoke to a London company owner who viewed his Google Analytics on a monthly basis, and was very pleased that on average visitors viewed 6.23 pages on his website for every visit. He took this to mean his website was useful to his visitors and hence it must be helping his company generate business.

Having carried out a review of his website and his Google Analytics he wasn’t too pleased to hear that the reason they viewed so many pages on average were that the navigation on the website was poor and it was very difficult for a visitor to find the right page quickly and easily. Hence they were forced to go through several different pages before they got to the page and the information they really needed.

As a result, the navigation on his website has been re-structured resulting in fewer pages visited and a more logical path through his services. Now the average number of pages viewed is 3.74 and yet the number of enquiries he receives through the website has increased by 32% in the 3 months since the website changes.

Another London company owner, was very pleased to see that his website received over 800 visitors a month which had increased by 22% over the last year. The company provided mini-coach and coach services in the London and Thames Valley area.

On a review of his Google Analytics I had to point out to him that the main location of visitors to his website (just over 40%) were in Glasgow and hence were never going to be prospective customers. I had to explain to him that a company with a similar name to his was based in Glasgow and was the reason for a large proportion of his website visitors.

As a consequence, over the last 2 years, his number of website visitors from the Thames Valley and London area had actually declined by 30%. Now he has started a Goggle AdWords campaign focused on his target market and his website is now the main source of company enquiries.

So, don’t just look at the main headline figures in Google Analytics. Make sure you understand them and how they impact your business. For a free Google Analytics review of your website please contact Website DNA at digital@websitedna.co.uk or 07969 892972.