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Where a company recognises that a website requires ongoing resources applied to it the website can reap high rewards and a strong ROI for the company. However good a new website is, it needs ongoing marketing to raise its profile on the internet and increase its quality and quantity of visitors.

An Oxford company undertook a search engine optimisation programme following the launch of its new website in September 2016. The company was an engineering company producing and selling products into the construction industry for large commercial projects focussed on the Oxford and surrounding area but also selling to major construction companies throughout the UK.

The company website when launched had 16 pages and 4 news articles. The company aimed to add an additional article ever 2 weeks. Each article was to cover a recent project as a case study, a new service or the company’s perspective on some industry news.

Website DNA provided the search engine optimisation programme for the company and every month performance reports were created so the company could measure the impact of the SEO.

Over the 18 month period the website content has risen to 26 pages with 34 additional news articles.
For the period the SEO programme has been in place the company has seen its website increase its profile in the search engine results for statistically checked relevant keywords. The keywords targeted have broadened over this period and have led to increase in website enquiries that have risen 6x over the period.

A large number of statistical metrics of the website visitors and the quality of the website visitors has been measured. Overall the company has seen an increase in website visitor of 3.5 times whilst the quality of the visitors has significantly increased as measured by their interactions with the website and the types of enquiries received via the website.

“Originally I was sceptical of the value of an ongoing SEO program but having been able to measure the monthly performance of the website statistically and recorded the enquiry and sales volume from the website I am now convinced it should be a key component of any company’s marketing budget.”

Managing Director