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For many companies, the major decision in deciding whether to try Google AdWords is “Will It Work For My Company?”.

At Website DNA, as a qualified Google Partner, we have access to a wide range of data from Google that is not available to individual companies who try Google AdWords themselves.

As a result we can access existing data for specific industries and create a free Google AdWords Company Evaluation to see whether it would work for your company based on your industry data.

This data, comprises companies who provide the same service or product as your company provides and it will show you how many visitors you can expect to your website based on your target market.

We can see the expected click-through rate for your company – visitors searching for exactly the types of products or services you provide and clicking through to your website. The average cost per click would show you how much you would need to pay to attract prospective clients to your website based on targeted keywords they are using in their search query.

Based on modelling the conversion rate of these website visitors it can be calculated what return on investment you could expect from a Google AdWords campaign.

If you would like to have a Google AdWords Evaluation for your company contact us at Website DNA on 07969 892972 or at digital@websitedna.co.uk .