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Whilst most companies have a modern website with a large amount of information, many have little idea what their potential customers think of it or how they use it.

A company website should be designed and operate, not for the company, but for the potential customer who visits the website. So many websites are designed and built by companies who want to get all their information online.

Little thought is given out to how the prospective customer views the website, how they use it and whether they fulfill the wish of the company that owns it.

What most companies don’t do, is analysis how their website is used. And yet there is a tool – Google Analytics that provides a wide range of data that can help you understand your website visitors’ experience. If you can understand their experience, then you’re in a much better position to use your website to convert your visitor into a potential customer.

Google Analytics data is immense and whilst the headline figures are useful – such as number of visitors, how long they stay on your website, etc.; it is only by evaluating the data deeper can you fully understand your visitors experience.

You can understand how a visitor gets to your website, what is their page journey once on the website, what they do on each page and from where they leave your website. You can find out where they are located, age, gender and what device they are viewing the website. The Google Analytics can be set up to measure how many visitors fill out a form, request information, download a brochure, newsletter or technical factsheet.

Google Analytics will provide data on each individual web page which will show you how effective it is and help you identify what areas of the website work, what needs improving and areas of information or functionality that are missing.

If your company had access to this type of information with the right analysis and interpretation your website and company marketing can be continuously improved and optimised. By improving the effectiveness of your company website you can increase company revenue and improve profitability.

Website DNA are qualified Google Analytics specialists and can provide your company with an in-depth report and explain clearly how your website is performing. We can recommend how to improve your website and enhance your customer experience. Call us today on 07969 892972 or contact us at digital@websitedna.co.uk .