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The majority of companies have a modern website created that can be viewed on a range of devices and contains all the information on the company.

But most companies never look at how their website performs. They don’t know how many people visit it, who the visitors are, where they come from, what they do when on the website, and most importantly, what the website contributes to the company itself.

The assumption is that the website is there, it works and it’s just one of those elements that a company must have and once it’s there the “box can be ticked”.

However, the website should be a key dynamic marketing tool that evolves with the company over time. It should be continually managed to ensure its performance and contribution to the company is maximized.
The first way to understand a website’s performance is to have a look at how it is currently used. An analysis of Google Analytics will provide a good overview of how active it is, and a more detailed analysis will also show how it is used and will also highlight any issues the existing website has.

Once you understand how it is used you can make changes to improve its performance to make sure it is attracting the right visitors (i.e. your target market) and in sufficient volume.

A website shouldn’t just look attractive and be full of information. It should have a purpose with objectives that can be measured. The objectives may be to carry out online transactions, generate enquiries via telephone or email, to sign-up for a service (e.g. newsletters, competitions, etc.), to provide information and/or build brand awareness.

Based on the websites’ objectives and your initial website analysis you can then make changes to the website to make sure the visitors carry out what you want.

You may need to change the website navigation structure, update the content to make it more engaging and persuasive. You may need to add more “Calls-To-Action” or put more emphasis on the benefits of your service and how your company provides the solution to the visitor’s problem.

Once you have made the changes you can then measure the impact using Google Analytics and internal company monitoring systems and continually make changes to your website to improve its performance and contribution to your company.